PJF2022 Stage performance – EoI

Excitingly, we open the Expression of Interest for Stage Performers.

Note: if you are a martial arts performer, please fill the form for the martial arts. The other form is not for martial arts. Please fill the form which is below. This will close on 15th January 2022.

Main Stage performer:


Martial Arts:


* Please be aware. Please put your application if you are interested in performing on the stage in 2022 and all of you require putting this application even you perform previous years.

** This is an application for your interests. not a registration yet. The selection process will be after closed and contact you directly. Once you are selected, you will go to the registration process. 

If you use `Yahoo` webmail, please put another email address. We are having some issues sending the addresses. The webmail security is not accepting emails from us.

 Currently, we have an overwhelming amount of work and cannot respond to all emails or web inquiries. We apologise for the inconvenience. I appreciate your understanding.