About Us

Perth Japan Festival is a cultural event held every summer (around February or March) in Perth since 2013.  A cultural event to promote friendship between Japan and Perth. Includes  Japanese food stalls, small goods, and exhibits of cultural information. Stage events include Japanese martial arts, music and pop culture.

Board members

Chair  Mr Paul Shillington

Deputy Chair Ms Miyuki Taniguchi

Secretary  Ms Kajal Parmar

Treasurer  Mr John Smith

Mr Ben Opie 

Mr Naota Suzuki 

Ms Shiori Field

Corporate Event Committee

  Mr Paul Shillington

  Mr Ben Opie 

  Ms Kajal Parmar

  Mr John Smith

Mr Naota Suzuki

Ms Miyuki Taniguchi

Ms Shiori Field

Matsuri Event Committee

Executive Office 

Ms Miyuki Taniguchi 

Ms Shiori Field

Japanses relation organisations representatives 

Mr Ryu Shimoyama – Japan Association of WA 

Mr Haginiwa – Japan Association of WA 

Ms Sachiko Sone – Niji-no Kai representative

Mr Hideo Higashide – Niji-no Kai representative

Ms Tamayo Leahy – Japan Club representative

Ms Kyoumi Matsui – Japan Club representative

Mr Simon Vanyai   – JETAA WA representative

Ms Eiko Miyahara  – Eisetsu tea ceremony representative

Mr Noeru Hara – Consulate of Japan in Perth 

Mr Tomoki Soda –  Consulate of Japan in Perth