LONG-Nori Maki (Sushi) Event 2020

Thank you for your registration. Now the registration of Long Norimaki event reach to maximum and is closed. If you missed this opportunity, please don’t be upset. You may be able to register at the venue of Perth Japan Festival. Please check the stage performance program (the program will be up here soon) and come to the administration office 30mins before the event.


We are able to have a Long-Norimaki (Sushi) event this year again!!!! This is ONLY for kids to enjoy making the sushi. Thanks for Yamamoto Nori Ten to provide a long NORI for this event.

Registration starts now! Once the registration number get the limit, we will close the registration. We do not contact until it closed. (If you are using Yahoo email, please register others. We have an issues and are unable to reach you.)


募集を開始します。定員になり次第こちらの応募は終了させて頂きます。(登録の際にYahoo メールをお使いの方は、こちらからの連絡が取れない可能性がありますので、別のメールアドレスをご登録下さいますようお願い致します。)