Perth Japan Festival 2017

Sat 25 Mar 2017

11:00AM - 18:00PM


パース日本祭り2017 出店募集



開催場所:Forrest Place



Perth Japan Festival committee
Marquee Team

This is for a staller application of Perth Japan Festival 2017.

Please go and click the link below and fill your group details.


<Perth Japan Festival 2017 Application Format for Staller>


Perth Japan Festival 2017

Date/Time: Sat 25th of March 2017 (11am to 6pm)

Venue: Forrest Place, Perth CBD.

Cost: $550/stall


The deadline for this application is 31st of Dec at 11:59 pm.

We would like to contact you in about the middle of January 2017 of the outcome of the selection.


Thank you for your cooperation and we are looking forward to your application.


Perth Japan Festival committee

Marquee Team


Perth Japan Festival 2016

Date:    27 (Sat) Feb 2016
Venue: Forrest Place, Perth CBD


1.    Stage performances
As in previous years, the Japanese School, Weekend Japanese School and other local cultural groups performed. In addition, Kurodabushi Kensyo-kai (Samurai stage performers) from Hyogo and Maiko dance performers from Kyoto were invited as symbols of the friendship between WA and Hyogo, and the vibrant exchange between our two nations.


2.    Marquees
This year there were more than 30 marquees offering ramen (noodles), okonomi-yaki (pancake), tako-yaki (octopus dumpling), yaki-soba (fried noodles), kaki-gori (shaved ice with syrup) and lots of Japanese sweets and drinks. Also on offer were Japanese arts and crafts, Japanese anime and Cosplay goods, as well as attractions for children.

In the committee’s tea ceremony marquee, we welcomed the Hon Dr Mike Nahan, MLA; representing the Premier, Mr.Masanobu Yoshii, Consul-General of Japan and Mr. Keith Yong, Councillor of the City of Perth.

3. Overview
(a) Despite a hotter day than in previous years, we welcomed 15,000 participants and the event went off without a hitch. The efforts of more than 200 local young volunteers contributed to the success of the event.

(b) First aid volunteers were on hand to help visitors who were affected by the heat.

4. Media coverage
・Sunday Times Event Guide
・West Australian
・ABC Website
・Weekend West
・Community Radio 103.7FM had a series of interviews with marquee participants and stage performers in the days prior to the event, and also covered the event live from the venue.

For more details, please visit



日本祭りのステージ&マーキーでは、太鼓・空手・柔道・剣道・華道・盆栽・舞踊・コスプレ・コーラス・子供たちが挑戦するジャンボ海苔巻き作りなど、日本に所縁のあるパフォーマンスやアクティビティが行われる予定です。 多国籍都市パースならではの国境を超えた様々なパフォーマーの演技に、オーストラリアと日本文化の新たな融合を見付けられるでしょう。  


現 地の方と一緒にこのお祭りを盛り上げたい方、当日のイベントボランティアも募集しています。パース在住の方、パースへ留学中の方、ワーキングホリデーでい らした方、ぜひみなさんふるってご参加ください。詳細は随時ウェブサイトにアップロード後、フェイスブックで告知されます。この機会を見逃さぬよう、Perth Japan Festival のフェイスブックへのLikeもお願いいたします。 Facebook: Perth Japan Festival