Perth Japan Festival 2023 – Guest Performer

We are proudly announcing that our guest performer is Ms Noriko Tadano. She is well known as a lady Shamisen player not only in Japan but also in Australia.

 Noriko Tadano is a Japanese Tsugaru shamisen performer, composer and vocalist. Noriko is both a solo artist and collaborator and is known for crossover performances combining traditional and modern music. Noriko is an award-winning, virtuoso master of the Japanese shamisen (a 3-string, banjo-like instrument) and a traditional Japanese vocalist who has performed worldwide. Noriko has performed with renowned contemporary musicians as well as traditional Japanese artists. She also composes music for film and theatre productions. She has been playing shamisen since she was six years old and performed both as a soloist and in collaborations. Noriko’s ability and drive to cross over traditional and modern Japanese music has recently seen her perform with renowned world musicians and traditional Japanese artists.

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