From Last Year's Festival (February 2014)

1 st Matsuri

Opening ceremony

MATSURI event would have never been realized without the understanding and support of the City of Perth. The Japanese community groups invited the Lord Mayor to participate the ceremony to express their own gratitude to the City.

stage performance

Karate Performance

The karate team headed by Master Kyoshin KAYO made demonstration the “KATA” . For the details, visit

Japanese Anime Cosplay Event

Wai-Con/PAniC organized the cosplay contest on the stage. At the venue many cosplayers gathered. For the detail visit

Japanese Music and Dance by the Japanese School in Perth

In Perth, there is the Japanese School, which has many students learning the subjects in their own language. Students performing “the NANCHU SO-RAN” created by the teachers and students of Hokkaido’s Minami Junior High School (NANCHU).

Judo for Kids by UWA Judo Club

UWA Judo Club headed by Master CHA demonstrated Judo performance. For details visit

Kendo Demonstration by Western Australia Kendo Renmei

(sorry, no photos)


WAKR headed by Mr. Chiharu made demonstration using the “bokutou”(wooden swards) and katana. For the details, visit

Live Music Performance by JP 9 and Tomo & Ryu

2 amateur musician groups performed the old and new J-pops such as “ame no Midou suzi” (the Midou suzi Avenue in rain) and “la-la-la love song”.