About Perth Japan Festival

There are significant Japanese nationals working and studying in Western Australia and also some are living on a permanent basis raising their Australian families. The numbers are growing, reflecting the long history of friendship between the two nations.  


In Perth, there are several Japanese communities helping hands to people in need. The Japan Festival Inc. (“JFI”) was established in 2013 as a non-profit organisation with an aim to raise the overall Japanese profile in WA. As part of its activities JFI reached out to these communities to look for ways to become more closely involved with and to contribute to this beautiful multi-cultural society. The idea of Japanese “MATSURI” (meaning “festival” in Japanese) was launched as an opportunity to realise this dream under the name of the Japan Festival Event.


JFI is the responsible entity for the Japan Festival Event. With the support from the City of Perth, Rio Tinto, Woodside, Australian and Japanese friends, the 1st MATSURI in Perth took place in February 2014 at Forrest Place in the Perth CBD. It attracted an estimated 10,000 people and was hailed as a great success, bringing a distinct Japanese flavour and sense of matsuri to the people of Perth.


The matsuri is a free event with lots of fun for kids and families as well as adults, offering a great opportunity for the Perth community to experience one of the most important cultures of Japan.

The Japan Festival Association in Perth Inc. is incorporated in Western Australia under the Associations Incorporate Act 1987 (Section 9(1)). Registered No: A1017471H


ABN: 12 787 414 676

Registered Office: c/o KPMG, 235 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000


Ben Opie,  President
Partner, KPMG
Chiharu Fukumoto, Vice President
Principal, The Weekend Japanese School
Nobuyasu Suzuki, Treasurer
Director, KPMG
Adam Handley, Legal Advisor
Managing Partner, Minter Ellison

Loretta Bingham, Secretary

Senior PA, KPMG

Paul Shillington, Legal Advisor

Partner, Minter Ellison


Japan Festival MATSURI (Cultural event) Committee

Mr. Chiharu Fukumoto, Chairperson (The Japan Festival Association in Perth Inc. )
Mr. Nobuyasu Suzuki, Treasurer  (The Japan Festival Association in Perth Inc. )
Mr. Kenji Miyata (Consulate-General of Japan in Perth)
Mr. Kosei Sasaki (Consulate-General of Japan in Perth)
Ms. Satomi Suzuki (Consulate-General of Japan in Perth)
Mr. Masataka Onishi (Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre in Perth)
Ms. Melissa Luyke (Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre in Perth)
Mr. Ken Nishida (The Australia Japan Society of WA)
Ms. Kaori Amano  (support net Nijino-kai)
Ms. Harumi Ohta  (support net Nijino-kai)
Ms. Izumi Woods  (support net Nijino-kai)
Mr. Takashi Komatsuzaki  (JAPAN Club WA)
Ms. Tamayo Leahy (JAPAN Club WA)
Mr. Andrew Stewart-Wynne  (JETAA)
Mr. Akira Kinoshita 
Ms. Miyuki Taniguchi
Mr. Naruhito Mizuta (Japanese Association of WA)
Mr. Toshiki Tanaka (Japanese Association of WA)
Mr. Yuya Yamada (Japanese Association of WA)
Mr. Hirotaka Hamamoto
Ms. Kyoko Mizuno