TIDA Okinawan Dance Group

TIDA is the Okinawan Dance Group in Perth which has been performing for 5years. Okinawa is the South end of Japan and has its own unique culture. Originally performed Traditional Okinawan Dancing, then since 2018, we have expanded to perform Okinawan Drumming “Eisa-” which is a combination of Taiko & Dancing, and the live Sanshin Music by our own band.
We went to Sydney last November to perform at “Kukurusai-Okinawa Soul Festival” with Sydney team and teachers from Okinawa, which broaden our skills and relationships with Okinawan people in Austraia.
And this year, we are excited to announce that we have guest performers from Sydney to perform with us at Japan Festival in Perth! We are happy to show you all about Okinawan culture, from traditional to new, mellow to energetic with Okinawan Lovers in Australia!