Taiko Do

is a group offering Performances, Workshops and Classes for Schools, Community and Private events in the art of Kumi Daiko / Japanese style ensemble drumming.
Taiko Do was formed in 2016, they are based in the P


eel Region of W.A. holding regular weekly classes in Secret Harbour.
Taiko Do always welcome new team members and are always on the lookout for new Events and opportunities to share their Taiko Energy with the people of W.A.
Taiko Do is dedicated to creating Community through Music Making and growing their own Unique Taiko Voice while staying connected with the cultural origins of WaDaiko.
Today’s performance is being given to you by Taiko Do students of varied levels of experience from 6 months to 4 years.
If you would like any information about how to become part of the Taiko Do Team team or to get them to your next event check out their website at WWW.taikodo.com.au – look them up on facebook or come and say hi to one of the friendly team after their performance.