Kijimuna – Spirit of Okinawa

Listen to the relaxing sound of Okinawan music with Kijimuna – Spirit of Okinawa. Dedicated to preserving the Okinawan language and culture through music, Kijimuna plays and sings a mix of traditional Okinawan folk songs and modern Okinawan pop songs. Many of their songs are sung in the Okinawan language, or in the regional dialects of the many island chains which make up the Ryukyu Islands. The instruments include sanshin – a 3-stringed banjo-like instrument, Okinawan taiko drums and sanba, with keyboard and guitar. Kijimuna (kee-jee-moo-nah) is a mythical Okinawan tree spirit. Our new uniforms feature the beautiful traditional Okinawan fabric called ‘Bingata’.