Cosplay and Dance Performers

Diversity Performance Crew

Diversity is a local performance crew & event runner that was originated from a universities’ dance crew. You can check out our social media via Facebook, Youtube & Instagram for the latest update at diversity.perth! For today’s performance, our performance piece will be a quirky and fun routine with lots of energy for everyone to enjoy. We have selected hit songs from Japan and put them together for you guys so we hope everyone will join in on the fun with us. Let go DIVERSITY!


ive✩star returns to Perth Japan Festival for another cosplay dance performance. This energetic nine minute routine provides entertainment for all, featuring your favourite My Hero Academia characters dancing to a Jpop take on traditional Japanese music. Regardless of where you’re from, get ready to be brought together by the language of dance.


We are Stelluna ! We are an anime, j-pop dance group who love to perform. We have performed at many events such as Supanova Perth, Perth Madfest, and the royal show. We love sewing our costumes, making them brightly coloured and sparkly. Our performance will consist of jpop and anime idol songs and dances. We all have a huge love for Anime and Japan so we are very excited to be performing for Perth Japan Fesitival for the very first time.

Kaotsun’s Cover Dance Crew (KCDC)

A dynamic J-pop mashup that combines classical, electronic, dubstep and hip hop music. The performance explores a more powerful side of girl group dances. Artists of the songs include C-ute, Garnidelia and Fairies.

Candy Heart

Candy Heart is a newly formed cosplay dance group. We came together through our love of idols and anime and together perform covers from series such as Love Live and Vocaloid. This will be our second ever performance but our first time performing all together as a trio! This time around, we will be performing songs by the Aqours subgroup, CYaRon! We look forward to performing for everyone and hope everyone can cheer us on!